Unlike a traditional gallery bound by four walls, Nidaa Hanifa Gallery is a journey, an ever-evolving, nomadic exploration of contemporary art that travels with the pulse of creativity and intention. Founded by Nidaa Hanifa, Managing Director and Curator, with roots stretching from Sudan to Britain and America, our gallery embodies a global perspective- thriving at the intersection of cultures, identities, and stories.

Our Philosophy

Adopting a curatorial philosophy that draws inspiration from slow-fashion, emphasizing intentional, meaningful exhibitions over the conventional, cyclical presentation of art, - an act of decolonization. By doing so, we engage with contemporary art in a manner that is both deliberate and profound, ensuring that each show is a fully realized manifestation of creative and intellectual exploration.

Our Evolution

From our inception, we have been committed to an evolutionary trajectory, guided by Nidaa's expanding palette of curiosities and intellectual engagements. This personal and artistic growth is mirrored in the gallery's journey, which has spanned a diverse spectrum of contemporary art mediums and included distinctive design objects. Our exhibitions are reflective of an ongoing inquiry into the possibilities of artistic expression.

A New Direction

Emboldened by a vision to delve deeper into the thematic concerns reflective of Nidaa Hanifa’s Sudanese-British-American heritage and the unique perspective afforded by a Third Culture upbringing, our forthcoming exhibitions aspire to transcend the realm of commercial design. Venturing into narrative-rich showcases, we aim to interrogate the multifaceted themes of multiculturalism, identity, and environmentalism. Through this prism, our curatorial intent is to present a variety of fine art mediums that not only engage the senses but also stimulate a profound intellectual and emotional dialogue on the complexities of contemporary existence.